March 31, 2015

Sir Charles

It’s always a pleasure finding and visiting cafés that just GET IT, especially when it comes to the space, the design and aesthetics and of course, the menu offering …
With cafés now looking to progress the café experience to another strata with a real focus in food service, Sir Charles has just about got this down pat.
Sitting down with Head Chef Tyler Preston, Tyler gave us an insight into the history of Sir Charles and how this project came about and completed a full circle. The fact that the people behind Sir Charles are almost family in regards to their mutual love and respect for one another is the reason Sir Charles eventuated.
The history: before the rebirth of this site, the café was originally known as Beans & Bagels, where owners Stephen and Angela McGinness ran a very successful business for 12 years. It so happened that Zoe Delaney of the Dave Makin and Zoe Delaney duo, owners of the very successful Axil Coffee, is the brains behind this new venture. Zoe worked for Steve and Ang as a young roaster before furthering her career to coffee training and then more roasting at Axil.
Due to the special relationship between Zoe and the McGuinesses, it was a natural progression that they should collaborate when the opportunity arose. Zoe has been instrumental in bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together that are required to transform the Beans & Bagels site.
In addition, Zoe’s friendship with Georgina Lee (Interior Designer of Sir Charles and wife to Chef Tyler Preston) enabled the two to also see their personal dream of opening a café together come to fruition, which in turn enabled café heavy hitters Dave Makin, Andy Smith and Tyler Preston to be part of the venture and get the project up and running.
Roasting their own blend via their in house 12 kg Probat Roaster, Sir Charles extract a mean but smooth coffee out of their La Marzocca via their barista technicians. In addition to their coffee offering, Tyler Preston, who has a very decorated culinary past including time at establishments such as Veggie Bar, Dr Morse, Chin Chin and Seven Seeds, is given free licence to create a menu that includes an Asian inspired brunch and dinner, offering patrons a pure Asian fusion experience.
My body and mind were experiencing a kaleidoscope of sensations as the atmosphere and décor of Sir Charles on one hand created calmness and relaxation; however, by the same token my mind and taste buds were in overdrive from the intense workout of flavours from the menu.
Mon to Wed, 7am – 4pm
Thu to Sat, 7am – 10pm
Sun 7am – 4pm

Sir Charles
121 Johnston Street, Fitzroy
t. 03 94157077

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