February 16, 2017


159 Cumberland Road, Pascoe Vale, Melbourne
T: (03) 9304 1358

It’s always nice to leave the city on a weekend and go exploring. It’s even nicer when you discover a little gem like this café situated in Pascole Vale. The café is a light-filled, energised, and welcoming space that caters to the family-centric people of outer Melbourne. Having recently been revamped, the space has taken on a modern appearance which encapsulates the lightheartedness of the café. The luscious greenery frames the La Marzocco machine and cabinets, which offers an insight into the nature of the space and the support for local produce which the owners pride themselves on. The café accommodates tradesmen, gym goers, mothers, and is even a place where life’s unforgettable moments can occur, including the very first steps of a regular customer’s baby.

The owners, John and Simone, acquired the café from John’s mother, a well known and respected woman within Pascoe Vale’s café scene. The menu takes inspiration from John’s Venezuelan and Italian heritage, providing meals from decadent hotcakes, oozing eggs Benedict, and even a mouthwatering Italian inspired bagel. The café has become a regular hot spot for many in the area, with the couple estimating that a large portion of their customers are regulars. The welcoming atmosphere is clearly evident due to the fact that the barista and wait staff are on a first name basis with many customers.

Venita is notable for its choice in coffee. Roasted locally on the Mornington Peninsular, the coffee brings a cherry and chocolate flavour to the table with a silky, smooth finish. Coffee, however, is just one of the stand-outs on the beverage menu. The café also indulges fitness fanatics who are searching for a healthy kick, with a selection of house-made smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. Baked goods are also delivered daily from local Melbourne bakeries and patisseries, catering for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free.

All in all, this café shines in its neighbourhood. The space is perfect to bring your family to relax on a weekend, have a coffee and some alone time, or even grab a fresh juice to ease you into summer. The café is situated right next to a bus stop, and there is plenty of street parking available; therefore, there is no excuse to not visit Venita in Pascoe Vale.

Tue to Fri – 6am to 3pm, Sat and Sun – 7am to 4pm.
Review: Bronte Godschalk

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