July 13, 2020

Coffee Telemetry Systems: The Holy Grail of Consistency

By CCDigital – July 7, 2020 

Barista Technology are proud to be the first company in Australia to launch the latest coffee telemetry system called Flow.

What is Flow?

Flow was born from one man’s passion for coffee, and his desire to make great coffee available to everyone. Flow provides data driven insights that empower the coffee industry to make excellent coffee consistently.

Consistency in coffee is hard.

Flow has been developed to help baristas make better coffee. The system integrates with espresso machines, providing feedback on every shot poured.

The Benefits of Flow:

  • Increase return business and customer loyalty
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce wastage
  • Raise the perceived value of each coffee
  • Increase opportunities for add-in sales
  • Identify areas for barista training

The Problem:

  1. Consistency. Consumers want consistency, but with so many variables affecting extraction consistency can be a real challenge.
  • Visibilty. There is little feedback for Baristas when shot parameters change, so baristas are left in the dark unable to improve their process.
  • Eroded Trust. It only takes one poor coffee for a customer to shop elsewhere looking for more consistency.
  • Perceived Value. To raise the value of our offering we need to offer consumers something they can rely on.

The Dream:

  1. Consistent quality. Delivering a consistnet coffee experience that customers can stop and cherish every day.
  • Increased Value. Provide consistent quality so that customers are willing to justify their spend.
  • Sustainable Proposition. Raising the value perception of coffee can have a flow on effect to the viability of the café, barista wages and benefits to the roaster and coffee farmers.
  • Cost Savings. Allows organisations to focus resources where they are most needed. Training can be tailored to your specific needs and support can be offered remotely, with equipment optimised for each sites requirements.

The Solution:

  1. Provide consistency around recipe execution
  2. Retrofittable IOT device
  3. Easily integrated with a wide range of volumetric coffee machines
  4. Capture and analyse data from the coffee machine in real-time
  5. Deliver real-time insights to inform corrections
  6. Create global visibility across all sites.

Now Coffee roasters and large chains can have the ability to monitor in real time to see exactly what is happening at each store in respect to the brew recipes set. If a store is performing poorly then the appropriate action can be taken by local trainers and on-site managers to correct the problems. 

Providing personnel to constantly visit stores and check cafes performance can be a massive investment and being able to identify if there is a training issue or other problems can be hit and miss to say the least. Flow is able to provide real time data and reports to help cafe chains operate a much more efficient level. 

“Roasters looking at new ways to secure accounts need to be offering a more sustainable package and introducing a product like Flow versus your competitor can give you a massive edge in the market”. – Brett Bolwell from Barista Technology. 

Make every coffee excellent with Flow.

Contact Matt Cook at Barista Technology today for more information and pricing enquiries

P: +61 0468327775


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