April 27, 2017

Key Café Trends to consider in 2017

Phillip Di Bella’s News from Above

With the New Year well and truly rung in, many café owners have settled back into usual trade after the hustle of the holiday period.

But what lies ahead for the industry in 2017? What trends should owners prepare for in the face of ever-changing consumer tastes?

Here are some key trends to keep your eye on and consider adopting in your business.

Quick and High Quality
– Industry data is showing us that customers want convenient food that doesn’t sacrifice on quality. People’s lives are getting busier, so this is driving demand for premium, on-the-go food items. They are also expecting their dollar to go further than ever before.

A 2016 IBIS World Industry report states that “…food has increased as a share of industry revenue over the past five years,” which shows the importance of really nailing your menu and cost of goods to remain profitable.

For breakfast and lunch, having quick-to-order, pre-made options that are high quality, such as wraps, sushi, $10 lunches, and salad bowls will keep your café competitive.

This trend extends to dinner trade as well. Eating out for dinner has become about getting hearty food that is quick and good value. Consumers are turning away from fine dining and indulging in long dinner sessions, unless it’s for a special occasion. We’re also seeing a decline in the concept of visiting a café for dinner. Consumers are more likely to visit a restaurant or retailer that focuses on one type of food or cuisine, in order to enjoy a more specialised menu.

Meal Delivery Services – We’ve seen the growth of meal delivery apps such as UberEats and Deliveroo, and we can expect this trend to continue. People are willing to pay that bit extra to have their food delivered to their door, at home and at work.

They are also developing higher expectations for the quality and type of food that can be delivered – they want more than just pizza. Having your menu available to order and delivered through an app service can be a great way to increase your revenue and reach more customers.

More than 1 Coffee Blend – Coffee drinkers are more discerning than ever when it comes to the coffee experience they are looking for. They are also interested in knowing where and how their coffee was grown.

Consider offering more than one coffee blend and even adding a single origin to your grinders, so customers can experience different flavour profiles from different regions. Your coffee-connoisseur customers will appreciate being able to choose what type of coffee bean they end up drinking.

Just like in previous years, the café industry is set to become more competitive in 2017. So to stay ahead of the game, look for what’s happening next and see if your business can leverage off certain trends.

But most importantly, remember to listen to what your customers want; they will always be the key to your long-term success.

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