August 8, 2019

RENEKA Life – with LATTE ART and AROMA PERFECT Technology

Exclusive to Essential Coffee


Introducing the RENEKA Life 2, the complete package! Imagine a world where you don’t have to do any tamping! Just fill up the group handle with freshly ground coffee and let the AROMA PERFECT technology take over, no need to tamp, just simply insert the group handle and press the button to extract the perfect espresso. Coupled with the amazing automatic LATTE ART steam wand makes the RENEKA Life 2 the complete package that guarantees consistency!

Sounds like science fiction, right?

The RENEKA Life 2 and 3 group machine, designed and manufactured in France, are a cafe owners’ dream come true!
The self-tamping AROMA PERFECT technology and LATTE ART technology make the “perfect” coffee and milk every time at the touch of a button. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! With minimum training necessary.

The patented AROMA PERFECT brewing unit delivers optimum tamping pressure. The brew head automatically adapts to the amount of coffee and supports changes in dosage to ensure the perfect tamp pressure for a great extraction every time. Patented technology also minimizes the pressure on the brewing unit seals – which translates into less wear and lower maintenance costs.

With the LATTE ART technology, compressed air and steam gets mixed inside the machine. The compressed air is created by a separate pump. The air-steam mixture creates a finer foam. Four different milk programs are available at the touch of a button to vary the amount of required air and temperature to cater for different types of liquids. The LATTE ART automated frother helps the most novice coffee maker produce silky smooth “micro foam” time after time.

All you need to do is, pour your milk into a milk jug, place the LATTE ART wand inside the jug and press the button to choose your desired milk option. The result will be a well-steamed milk with a uniform texture at the optimal temperature that will support and complement the qualities in your espresso. Now, you are finally ready to pour the milk and craft your latte art patterns.

The time saved on holding the jug and monitoring the milk can be spent on cleaning tasks or taking orders, increasing the efficiency as well as the coffee and service speed and consistency.

No need to buy any extra equipment that takes up space and needs extra maintenance to automatically steam your milk or tamp the coffee! All you need is the RENEKA Life coffee machine with AROMA PERFECT and LATTE ART technology to have the complete package!!

RENEKA took into account all the physical effects of tamping on baristas and developed the AROMA PERFECT brew head and matched it with the LATTE ART technology. No more repetitive strain injuries (RSI) to barista’s wrists and elbows.

CALL Essential Coffee, the exclusive supplier of Reneka handmade premium European coffee machines, and associated products, to book your free demonstration.


– “Cool touch” steam outlet with push button or tap version
– Mixed hot water outlet (electronic control) with 2 programmable doses
– Illuminated cup area
– Programmable pre-infusion
– Electronic microprocessor 5 selections per group
– Magnetic coupling pump
– Aroma Perfect: for perfect coffee extraction every time, and easy insertion of the filter holder into the brewhead
– Anti-Pics boiler: auto-regulation system which stabilizes the brewing temperature and makes the preventive flushing cycle unnecessary
– GIDR: Setting the temperature of the boiler and of each coffee group
– Automatic cleaning program of coffee brewhead and Barista Steam
– “Pull-out” espresso cup tray to work either with take-away cups or smaller cups (on LIFE HIGH CUP)
– ECO Stand-by function
– LCD display
– Latte Art technology: for well- steamed milk with a uniform texture at the optimal temperature – four different milk programs available.

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