April 17, 2019

Vive la Brekkie Revolution: Sunny Queen launches unique French Toast to Australian market

Café owners and chefs will be saying Bon Appétit to customers with the revolutionary cooked and snap frozen French Toast launched by Sunny Queen, one of Australia’s best-known and well-loved food brands.

Created to service Australia’s growing $7.4 billion* out-of-home breakfast category and further extend Sunny Queen Meal Solutions’ current omelette, fritter and poached egg range, the revolutionary new French Toast aims to fill a gap in the market and help café & hospitality businesses increase revenue and decrease expenses with a safe, convenient, time saving breakfast product.

Sunny Queen managing director, John O’Hara said the product would revolutionise breakfasts for cafes, restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, education facilities and more.

“Our new French Toast is completely unique with no other product of its kind available in Australia. We aim to help food providers save time in the kitchen as they accommodate Australian tastebuds with a versatile breakfast favourite that can be served with sweet or savoury toppings across the entire morning,” Mr O’Hara said.

“Sunny Queen’s French Toast is an easy way to enhance any breakfast or brunch menu – it can be served as a complete meal, a take-away accompaniment to coffee or added to an order of bacon and eggs, helping businesses drive incremental spend per head and overall menu appeal.”

“We’ve designed our French Toast to also save time and money, by reducing waste and removing the need for time consuming messy preparation and cleaning thanks to the long frozen shelf life.”

With over 80 years in the industry, Sunny Queen knows Australians love their eggs and have developed a new French Toast recipe that has found another way to ensure that diners start their day off right.

“The secret to amazing French Toast is making sure the quantity of egg is just right, the bread is soaked for the exact amount of time and the recipe is great. Our recipe combines Sunny Queen fresh farm eggs and a hint of cinnamon for a full flavoured, ready to eat profile, perfect for the winter months approaching. All of this while delivering the crunch of traditional toast with the lightness that French Toast is renowned for.” Mr O’Hara added.

And voilà! Cafes, restaurants, aged care facilities, hotels and other hospitality providers wanting to get their slice of the $7.4 billion* out of home breakfast market can discover more about Sunny Queen’s French Toast revolution today at

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